Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Olivia Newton-John, Lynda Carter and Veronic on THE VIEW

Michael with Olivia Newton-John, Veronic and Lynda Carter

My husband accompanied Olivia Newton-John to NYC for an appearance on The View set to air this Friday.

Other guests the same day are the fab Lynda Carter and Las Vegas headliner and vocal impersonator Veronic.

Of all the trips I DIDN'T  tag along on... darn.


  1. Is there a new project that brings Olivia to The View?

  2. Nope. She was a "surprise" guest for new co-host Jenny McCarthy. Olivia and Lynda were her favorites, so they were invited to come surprise Jenny for her birthday. I believe Olivia talks about opening the new phase of the ONJCWC and the release of the paperback edition of LivWise Cook book.

    1. Ah! Thanks for the info. I think I'll invite Olivia to my next birthday. :-)