Thursday, February 7, 2013

Tim McGraw shirtless in People Magazine

Earlier I posted a short "behind the scenes" video of Tim McGraw's shirtless People Magazine photo shoot.

Well, here's one of the shots, and let's hear it for Tim!

Tim McGraw shares with People Magazine that he has a new tour coming up, he quit drinking, and he can walk around without his shirt and feel good.

Asked about his workout routine, he teases his famous wife Faith Hill:

"I have tried working out a couple of times with her and afterward, I can't move,” says McGraw, who sometimes joins Hill at their home gym to burn calories.

When asked about her routine, McGraw jokes, "It's like, leg warmers and Olivia Newton-John's 'Physical.'"

A high-pitched giggle from Hill interrupts McGraw, forcing him to set the record straight: "Faith says it is nothing like that." McGraw then pauses before going on, "But yeah, it's me with my headband on and leg warmers..."

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