Tuesday, January 29, 2013

San Francisco: Gay sports bar celebrates 49ers in Super Bowl

A photographer snapped a celebration photo at "Hi Tops" in San Francisco's Castro District when the 49ers clinched a spot in the Super Bowl. The image captures the thrill of victory with cheers and kisses at a gay sports bar. And now that photo is included in the current issue of Sports Illustrated.

"Hi Tops" opened a few months ago, bartender Logan Chavarria says, "A lot of people come in and don’t even know it’s a gay bar and then we find out we have common bond."

The 49ers are definitely bringing people together. Randy Report readers already know that the 49ers are part of the anti-bullying "It Gets Better" campaign.

Owner Jesse Woodward says the photo sends a winning message "Sports fans from all walks of life and we’re all a big melting pot everyone can get along."

(via NBCBayArea.com)

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