Thursday, December 27, 2012

World's Longest High-speed Train Line

JMG points up this news clip of a new high-speed train in China that travels about the same distance between New York City and Key West in 8 hours.

Launched in China:.
It used to take the best part of 24 hours to travel by train from Beijing to the southern boomtown of Guangzhou. But as of Wednesday, when the world's longest high-speed rail line opened for business, the 1,428-mile journey has been cut to a mere eight hours. The trains travel at an average speed of 186mph, passing through five provinces as they tear through the countryside.

Plans call for connecting all cities in China with at least 500,000 inhabitants with these trains.

I've always been a big supporter of traveling by train. So much easier than the process of air travel. Just get on, sit down, and go.

Plus, the building of national infrastructure creates millions of jobs and helps the economy in many ways.

I keep waiting for our government to put similar efforts in play here.

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