Saturday, November 24, 2012

GLEE: Holding Out For A Hero

This week's super hero themed duets episode may be one more sign that perhaps GLEE has "jumped the shark."

But you have to laugh and enjoy - especially the use of the whip in this clip as "style fan" for hair blowing.

I will say though - whether for good or bad reasons, I'm still finding things on the show to entertain me.

BTW - points out that the split done at the beginning of the GLEE clip could be a nod to what is considered the "Best Drag Queen Entrance EVER!"; watch the footage of the late Tandi Iman Dupree covering Tyler's 80s hit, and get ready to scream at the :25 mark

1 comment:

  1. ouch!! cool nod. love it!!

    i still like GLEE also, Randy. i have this week's recorded. can't wait to watch.