Friday, April 27, 2012

On the book tour road with Olivia

One thing that amazes me are the autograph hounds who stalk every stop we make while Olivia is promoting her new cookbook "LivWise."

Every single place Olivia goes, the autograph seekers seem to know and are waiting with several pieces of memorabilia for Olivia to sign. When she asks their name for the autograph, they never want her to write a name - clearly so they can sell the signed items.

And the same guys are at every stop. Some follow on bicycles, some run alongside the car and ask at stop lights.

Kind of amazing...

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  1. Dear Randy, where & how can we get Olivia's autograph by post??

  2. maybe the only way europeans can get an autograph is to buy one such a shame

  3. They have been around for ages! Unfortuantely, (a VERY young me), was shoved down by them outside the MET's stage door in May 1977 after Olivia's concert and I was pushed back by them again in May '83, (maybe May is not my month! ;-) ) at a Two of a Kind" NY location shooting.
    In 95/96(?) I went Elton John's Oscar Party and they were there behind barricades, but MAD that these nice tourists from Japan were in line ahead of them. SO they took their sharpies and starting writing on the shirts of these timid, speachless tourist's backs! I was in line, entering the benefit and saw this. I ran over to tell private security, (who walked away from me in mid sentence), and then to LAPD, who told me to "MYOB" - all just let this continue to go on. ONJ arrived @ probably 5 people behind me. She could have just VIP'd right through, but posed for legit press who were on the other side of the entrance. Immediately the autograph hounds started shouting after her. Olivia obliged and approached the nice first row of young Japanese men, who had, no doubt waited for hours, but the hounds soon managed to push their photos in front of the Japanese tourists' faces and ON-J politely,unknowingly signed mostly for the "baddies". In all cases, just mayhem.

    These people are vile and carry accordian folders w/ photos of every celeb to hand. In each case, Olivia was so nice and signed for ALL of them, (she did raise her voice in 1977 when she saw me, (aged 14), get pushed down by them and made sure that I was alright) She's still too nice to them, even after 35 years.

    I hope you all enjoyed NYC - one of the best towns in the spring or fall :-)

  4. Desi - I understand you can send a request to this address for an autograph:

    Olivia Newton-John
    P.O. Box 2710
    Malibu, CA. 90265