Monday, January 16, 2012

Olivia enters the White Carpet - premiere of "A Few Best Men"

I just wanted to give a sense of what it was like as Olivia and her director Stephan Elliott arrived on the White Carpet for the premiere of "A Few Best Men" in Sydney, Australia.

Just as Olivia arrived to face the first throng of photographers, a fan in a wheel chair asked Oivia for an autograph and a photo which Olivia didn't hesitate to do. Then she and Stephan step in front of the first set of photographers. After lots of flashes, Stephan pulls Olivia over to the first of many interviews on the White Carpet. I panned down the carpet so you could get a sense of how packed and wild the scene was.


  1. And still read a comment from someone that she was dissapointed that Olivia did'nt take time for the fans. Seems to me she did her best. Thanx for sharing! Jolanda

  2. I feel for the wonderful fans at events like this. There's not enough time for me to show it but Olivia did turn to the fans every chance she had a moment to do so.

    The pandemonium is hard to convey, but it was just wild. And the carpet is really a lot about the press getting their interviews to help promote the movie. The movie team kept moving Olivia along - they had to or the movie would have never started. As it was she was on the carpet for over half an hour giving tons of interviews and taking photos. I do feel for the fans. But it wasn't Olivia 'not taking time' - these situations are just wild and the movie folks were moving her where she had to be. She did sign many many autographs each second she got.