Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Sarah Palin got in trouble for not making "non-candidacy" announcement on FOX News

Roger Ailes - FOX News chief apparently felt he didn't get his money's worth from Sarah Palin, the former half-term governor of Alaska.

Ailes wasn't mad that she chose not to run. Apparently he was livid that Palin made the October 5 announcement on Mark Levin's conservative talk-radio program, robbing Fox News of an exclusive and a possible ratings bonanza.

From NY Magazine: Ailes was so mad, he considered pulling her off the air entirely until her $1 million annual contract expires in 2013. After the announcement, he called Fox's executive vice-president Bill Shine into a meeting. Shine is the network's principal point of contact with Palin. Ailes told him she had made a big mistake. "I paid her for two years to make this announcement on my network," Ailes pointedly told Shine.

The next decision for Palin is which GOP candidate she intends to endorse. Folks in FOX New circles say, if she wants to keep her contract intact, she would be wise to make the announcement on FOX.

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