Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Mama bird in a palm tree

I've never seen a bird make a nest in a palm tree, but this little mama is sitting on her egg in her nest right at eye level in a palm tree in the front courtyard of my house.

So sweet and calm.

We walk by and just say 'hi'....


  1. That is a beautiful little dove. I love the sound they make. In Iowa (unfortunately) they decided to allow hunting them this year. Sometimes I think I live in a very backward state. Thank you for sharing the picture. Say Hi to her for me.

  2. Don't be too hard on Iowa Jay. We're more progressive than most states. But with our governor right now if he is told they can make 10 cents off of something he'll go for it... well, as long as he and his buddies are the ones making the 10 cents.

    Nice photo Randy. We have barn swallows nesting on our porch every year. Keeps the mosquito population down. YEAH!