Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Op-Ed piece in Las Vegas' leading newspaper in support of marriage equality

Very surprising but supportive op-ed piece in today's Las Vegas Review-Journal regarding whether or not Nevada is ready and should "jump in" on marriage equality, both as a matter of fairness and finance.

"Some who favor legalizing gay marriage in Nevada -- including many libertarian-leaning conservatives -- favor it for economic reasons. If Nevada were to become America's super-fabulous gay marriage mecca, we'd benefit from the fees, the travel, the hotel stays and the parties."

"It's a natural extension of the city's existing tolerance, too. If we're liberal enough to let pretty much any straight couple get married while drunk, we've got to be liberal enough to let real-life gay couples who actually want to honor the institution of marriage do it here."

It seems people are figuring out not only is it the right and fair thing to do, it makes money for the state and it's citizens. Funny how money can move an issue.

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