Saturday, April 21, 2018

Video: Find Your Way Back

A dear friend of mine shared this today on Facebook, and wow, every single word resonated for me.

Small decisions can lead us to unexpected places. Small decisions can result in huge life choices.

But we can make the decision to undo those events; to choose to change direction.

I know this sounds like a bad Sunday morning cable ad, but its a truth worth repeating.

In my 20s, I fell in love with someone I cared for deeply. But the relationship was not healthy.

Even though we ended things after two years, the effects lingered in my life and behavior for years and years.

But, all these things are thoughts, and you can change a thought by changing your mind.

We are never "over the finish line" until we are over that final finish line.

Gay, straight, black, white, however you identify - the world will treat you as you treat yourself. Set your own best example.

I wrote this in two minutes because the video below spoke to me so hard.

Watch the video below.

Happy Saturday!

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