Thursday, January 11, 2018

Fox News' Shep Smith: Trump's Attack On Libel Laws Is "A Word Salad Of Nothingness"

Fox News host Shep Smith was not having Donald Trump's not-even-thinly-veiled attack on author Michael Wolff when the Trumpster announced he wants his administration to explore a possible overhaul of "very unfair" libel laws.

“For clarity, because we’re in the position to report facts here, all of that about libel laws––that was just a word salad of nothingness, because none of that means anything, except ‘look over here’. He couldn’t change the libel laws if he wanted to change the libel laws, he couldn’t change ’em if he got the Congress in there. These are state laws.

"He’s not a dictator. He’s not a king. He can’t change the libel laws. That’s preposterous.”

As Shep rightfully points out, the president can't change laws. Only Congress can.

And Congress can only change federal laws. Libel laws vary state to state.

Lord, can someone inform Trump about such issues before he goes off half-cocked and says these stupid things?

Watch below.

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