Friday, March 9, 2018

VICE Explores How Folks Are Monetizing Their Social Media Accounts

(via Instagram)

VICE has done a deep dive exploring how some folks are learning to monetize their social media following.

Meet Rick Twombley and Griff King.

After the gay husbands saw a Facebook video of Griff lip-syncing to The Little Mermaid blow up to over 500,000 views, the Atlanta-based muscle men decided to explore how they could make money from their following.

With over 186,000 Instagram followers, the men are now using an OnlyFans account to share "exclusive content" with folks willing to plunk down $9.99 a month.

That content includes workout tips, cooking segments, nude photo shoots and more from their private lives.

I'd heard of OnlyFans in the past several months as folks I've met from the porn industry are using it to augment their income with content they shoot specifically for their OnlyFans followers. The site allows full nudity and sexual content to be posted for paying "fans."

As far as I can ascertain, the folks who post their content on OnlyFans get 80% of income generated while the website takes 20% for running the site, processing payments, etc.

One adult performer I know of (no, not Stormy Daniels) has over 5K paying fans on the site and he charges $9.99 a month as well (it must be a popular price).

So, that would mean he is raking in about $40,000 a month...?

I'm in the wrong business, LOL.

Rick and Griff make a point to say they don't post actual porn. Artful nude photo shoots and semi-naked cooking segments aside, they say they want to inspire folks by sharing their fit and active lives as a couple.

Watch the report from VICE below.

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