Saturday, November 4, 2017

This Teacher Won The Internet With His "Spiderman" Halloween Costume Picked By His Students

Incredibly photogenic Indiana teacher Tell Williams dresses up for Halloween every year. In past years, he's donned Peter Pan and Robin costumes to amuse his students.

The cool thing is he lets his students pick the costume each year.

This year, Spiderman was the choice of the kids - and the internet.

As you can see above, Williams carried off the Peter Parker persona like a champ. He certainly gets my "Spidey-senses" tingling.

Not only is he a superhero on Halloween, he is every day living his life authentically as an openly gay man at school.

Williams told Gay Star News, "They’re young so they don’t really understand different marriage dynamics. I just say “In my family, there are two Dads.” It’s about normalizing it. I want my students to know all families are built differently. It helps build tolerance and understanding."

One more thing: just to cover bases, Williams added that he wore sweats at school so as not to make any parents uncomfortable. See below.

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