Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Music Video: Maggie Szabo's "Don't Give Up" Is A Love Letter To Trans Youth

Acclaimed Canadian pop singer/songwriter Maggie Szabo drops her moving and uplifting new music video, "Don’t Give Up On Love."
Maggie Szabo
Acclaimed Canadian pop singer/songwriter Maggie Szabo recently released her moving and uplifting new music video, "Don’t Give Up On Love," from her upcoming EP Worthy.

The video, a love letter of support to the LGBTQ community, tells the story of a transgender high school student attending prom.

Szabo's soaring vocals sweep across an emotional, anthemic musical landscape accompanied by gospel-tinged backing vocals. The lyrics share an empowering message of hope and acceptance.

When your back’s against the wall
Cuz you feel you've lost it all
There’s nowhere left to turn and no one left to call
There is someone just like you
Who feels the same way too
Why would you surrender?
Don’t give up on love

Touching and authentic, the video is dedicated to transgender youth around the world who live in fear and suffer from rejection and exclusion.

Via press release:

The powerful and poignant narrative of ‘Don’t Give Up' is reflected in an exquisitely cinematic video, that follows a girl who is struggling with her gender identity and the pressures of conformity in high school. Szabo’s ultimate messages to fight for social justice and equality, “people are people, love is love. Society needs to stand up” professes Szabo. “I can’t stand by and watch millions of transgender youth live in fear for their safety, outcast from their homes and marginalized by society simply because they are struggling to understand their gender identity. I want to stand with them.”

"Don’t Give Up" was written and recorded in Los Angeles along with Stefan Lit (One Direction) and Chaz Mason.

With over 14 + million Youtube views, Szabo has been featured on several high profile media outlets including Billboard, Perez Hilton, Huffington Post and Yahoo Music!

A portion of the proceeds from this music video will be donated to the Ali Forney Center whose mission is to protect LGBTQ youths from the harms of homelessness and empower them with the tools needed to live independently.

Watch "Don't Give Up" below.

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