Monday, July 3, 2017

John Oliver Explains How Sinclair Broadcasting Group Is Affecting Local Newscasts

I don't usually watch long video clips on the interwebs (short attention span, don't you know), but I did find this segment by John Oliver on HBO's Last Week Tonight to be compelling.

I think a lot of Americans would be surprised to find out that their local news is being thoughtfully manipulated by a conservative conglomerate.

Oliver explains how Sinclair Broadcast Group is setting itself up to be the country's largest owner of local TV stations, and with that ownership the company is dictating content and political bias.

As Oliver points out, with Fox News you know you're getting a conservative viewpoint. Not so when it comes to these local stations.

With in-house created "editorials," daily "Terrorist Alert Desk" scares and clips that are dispatched to the stations labeled "must run," local viewers are being told what to think without really understanding why the content is being presented.

Watch the clip below.

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