Monday, April 10, 2017

The Incredible Hypocrisy Of Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley

Gov. Robert Bentley and alleged mistress Rebekah Mason
According to reports, anti-LGBT Republican Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley is widely expected to resign due to four possible felony charges related to his unsuccessful attempts to hide his long-time affair with former aide Rebekah Mason.

The cheating itself is bad enough, but the man is also clearly an idiot.

It turns out his wife was able to follow practically the entire affair via text messages because his phone was synced with the iPad he gave his wife. The messages played out in real-time in front of her.

From TalkingPointsMemo:

Unbeknownst to the governor and Mason, the frequent romantic texts they exchanged were all visible to Dianne Bentley. The governor’s state-issued cell phone’s cloud was linked to his state-issued iPad, which he had gifted to his then-wife, allowing her to watch the rumored affair unfold in real time.

“I’m so in love with you,” Bentley wrote to Mason in one text, along with two heart-eye emojis. “We are pitiful.”

“Poor Robert. Poor Rebekah,” he added.

“Yes… Bless our hearts… And other parts,” Mason wrote back.

“Magnetic,” Bentley replied.

The device oversight was only one of Bentley's errors.

In spring 2014, he mistakenly sent a text to his wife reading, “I love you Rebekah,” along with an emoji of a red rose.

This is the same man who, before SCOTUS' Obergefell ruling in 2015, filed an amicus brief which stated marriage between two people of the same sex was "demeaning" to democracy.

Because he clearly has so much respect for the institution of marriage, huh?

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