Friday, March 10, 2017

Trailer: New Live-Action "The Little Mermaid"

As the world readies itself for the premiere of the new live-action Beauty and the Beast from Disney this weekend, audiences get their first look at the upcoming The Little Mermaid.

But, this new take on the deep-sea story is way different tale than Disney's animated version. This flick draws from Hans Christian Anderson's original storyline.

So no cartoon "Flounder" in sight, but we do get hottie love interest William Moseley, who starred in "The Chronicles of Narnia" and is currently on E!'s "The Royals."

In the film, a reporter (Moseley) and his sister (Loreto Peralta) journey to small town Mississippi where they find the long-rumored "Little Mermaid" (Poppy Dayton). From the encounter they learn the fairy tale of a girl born on land with the heart of a mermaid. Along the way, the brother and sister try to save the Mermaid from the owner of a carnival who seems to have a hold on the mermaid's soul.

The cast also includes Academy Award-winner Shirley MacLaine, Gina Gershon, William Forsythe, and Diahann Carroll.

Watch the trailer below:

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