Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Rep. Nunes Won't Share Source Of His Intel Indicating Team Trump Caught Up In Incidental Intelligence Round-Up

Rep. Devin Nunes
Via Reuters:

U.S. House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes said on Tuesday he will not divulge - even to other members of his panel - who gave him intelligence reports that indicated President Donald Trump and his associates may have been ensnared in incidental intelligence collection.

Asked by a Fox News reporter whether he would inform the other committee members about who gave him the reports he viewed on the White House grounds last week, Nunes said: "We will never reveal those sources and methods."

This is sounding more and more shady.

Nunes was on Trump's transition team.

He was at the White House last Tuesday, where he viewed the intel showing Trump's peeps were caught up in incidental intelligence (meaning Trump wasn't target, but Trump's peeps were talking to intelligence targets).

And he won't even share with his colleagues on the House Intelligence Committee who his source was?

This is not how you convey to people that you are being nonpartisan.


Even Republican House members aren't buying Nunes' line of bull:

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