Friday, January 20, 2017

Donald Trump's Proposed Cabinet

Here's a breakdown of Donald Trump's proposed cabinet:

• 18 men, 2 women (Obama had 5, George W. had 4)

• 18 white, 1 African-American, 1 Asian- American (Obama had 8 non-white, George W. had 6)

• 0 Democrats (the past 3 administrations all had members from the opposing party)

This will be the first cabinet since Reagan to not have a single Hispanic cabinet member.

The first cabinet since George H.W. Bush to not have a member of the opposing party.

I expect all of these to be confirmed, except a possible upset over Rex Tillerson for Secretary of State. Sen. Marco Rubio asked tough questions at Tillerson's confirmation hearing, and could possibly vote against him. If that happens, it could open the door for John McCain and one or two others to follow suit.

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