Tuesday, November 8, 2016

National Exit Poll Results: Voters Think Trump Lacks Temperament & Qualifications

Early nation exit poll results (over 15, 000 interviews) via ABC News:

• More voters see Donald Trump unfavorably than Hillary Clinton - 61% to 54% respectively.

• While 59% of voters find Clinton untrustworthy, a greater percentage - 61% - find Trump even more dishonest.

• When it comes to temperament and being qualified for the presidency, Clinton comes out way on top. Clinton gets 53% of voters saying she's qualified to be president, and 56% indicate she has the proper temperament. Trump sees a big drop in his number garnering only 37% on being qualified and 34% for temperament.

• On the topic of personal issues, Trump's treatment of women bothers 51% of voters, while Clinton's email debacle concerned 44%

• Hillary garnered 87% of African American vote, Trump only 8%

• Hillary wins Hispanic vote 65% - 27%. That number could go up for Hillary as some exit polling data isn't in yet from Western states like Nevada, Arizona and Colorado.

• When it comes to the young vote (under 30) Hillary gets 54% versus 34% for Trump - 20 point advantage.

• Senior vote went for Trump 52% versus Hillary's 45% - only a 7 point margin. I mention that because four years ago Mitt Romney won the senior vote by double digits.

• Better Commander-In-Chief? Hillary Clinton edges Trump 49% over 45%, while Clinton has a clear advantage on foreign policy (53% vs. 42%).

• Hillary scored on 59% of first time voters, Trump only a third of voters 32%.

I'll add to this post as more info comes in.

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