Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Hillary Clinton Leads Popular Vote Tally By More Than One Million Votes is reporting that, as of yesterday, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's lead in the popular vote count has now exceeded one million votes.
The Cook Political Report and Dave Wasserman have compiled a continually updated popular vote tracker. Both candidates are still gaining votes as states count absentee and provisional ballots, millions of which were still uncounted after the election, especially in California.

Here are the updated popular vote totals as of November 15:

Clinton: 62,318,079
Trump: 61,166,063

That means Clinton now leads the popular vote by 1,152,016 votes and 47.8% to 46.9%.

The issue for Clinton, though, according to the Wasserman/Cook Political Report numbers: Trump leads in the swing states. That gave him the Electoral College by a 290-232 margin and made him president-elect. Defenders of the Electoral College say it forces candidates to compete for the hearts and minds of Americans in all states, giving all states a voice in the presidential election.

Clinton’s vote total is a historic achievement. Clinton now has the third highest number of votes of any presidential candidate in U.S. history (she also became the fourth presidential candidate to win the popular vote but lose the Electoral College). She is behind only Barack Obama’s two historic elections. However, she just surpassed the tally of George W. Bush.

Without the Electoral College, a few large cities and states (New York, L.A.), would determine every presidential election. Indeed, Clinton’s popular vote edge was boosted by millions from New York and California alone.

There are now calls to abolish the Electoral College in that more Americans voted for Hillary Clinton than Donald Trump.

There is a petition over at with more than 2 million signatures calling for electors to defy the EC and vote for Hillary since she garnered more votes.

I don't see the EC going anywhere anytime soon. Especially with the Republican controlled Congress in office.

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