Monday, November 7, 2016

Anderson Cooper Doesn't Let Trump Campaign Manager Get Away With Hypocrisy

CNN's Anderson Cooper asked Donald Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway about her candidate's decision to speculate on the recent "Comey Incident" regarding possible new emails found on an aide's laptop.

(p.s. nothing new was found, greatly disappointing the Trumpsters)

Here's the text of the interchange:

Anderson: Is it irresponsible if a man who might be president of the United States to speculate about something about which he has no facts?

Conway: Everybody speculated for nine days.

Anderson: If everybody jumped off a bridge it doesn’t mean you should jump off a bridge too.

Conway: I’ll take note of that.

Anderson: Don’t you think it’s irresponsible? Apparently you don’t.

The conversation moved on to recent comments by the Nevada Republican chair who asserted that rules were broken during early voting (don't worry - they weren't) for "certain groups." Of course, what the GOP Chair was talking about was the huge Hispanic turnout on Friday night at a Latino supermarket.

Cooper asked if Conway had any proof that "special favors" were being given to these "certain groups." Conway admitted she had no proof.

Anderson replied, “Don’t facts matter? If the chairman of the Nevada Republican Party is making this inaccurate claim, that polling places are kept open so a certain group could vote, it was people in line in time to vote. Why imply that it is this certain group?”

Watch the full exchange below:

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