Monday, September 12, 2016

Miss New York On Trump: "He's A Bright Reminder Of How Our Country Needs To Come Together"

This year, during the question-and-answer segment of the Miss America pageant, contestants were queried on a host of current news topics like terrorism, police brutality, and the presidential election.

Twenty seconds is a difficult time frame to express a succinct, intelligent answer, but Miss New York Camille Sims was the clear winner in this category. Sims was asked to share her feelings on Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

"I think he's a bright reminder of how our country needs to come together. If you don't agree with his message, it's time to decide where you stand in this debate. As Americans, we need to make sure we come together, represent what it means to be American, which is celebrating all people, from all backgrounds, whether you're an immigrant or a Native American or an African-American or an Asian-American."

Kudos to Ms. Sims for handling both the question and the pressure so well.

(h/t Advocate)

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