Friday, August 26, 2016

Viral Tweet Of The Day

Some free advice - moments after you decide to start following your professor, don't call him out as a "faggot."

From Gay Star News:

Dr Eric Mendenhall is an assistant professor in Genomics and Epigenetics at the University of Alabama in Huntsville.

He picked up on the tweet, in which his student called him a faggot, although his Twitter handle wasn’t used – and immediately replied in the best way.

‘I don’t condone use of that term & it has nothing to do with my ability to teach you genetics,’ Mendenhall wrote.

‘See you Thursday.’

As the tweet took off, Mendenhall used the chance to teach his followers another lesson: ‘Each generation shedding some of the hate and bigotry of their parents’ generation is a key part of being human.’

In conversations with a number of replies, he said all other University of Alabama students had been ‘wonderful’ since he started teaching there three years ago.

He also offered any queer STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) students the opportunity to talk to him should they have problems.

‘I got your back with peers like this,’ Mendenhall tweeted.

Apparently, the student had just started following Dr. Mendenhall when he sent the anti-gay tweet out.

Within an hour the student made his account private, and soon after he deleted the account.

The exchange has been "liked" over 20K and retweeted over 16K times.

By the way, the professor made a point to say the comment would not affect grades.

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