Monday, July 18, 2016

Chaos In Cleveland As #NeverTrump Movement Gets Shut Down

The first day of the 2016 Republican National Convention devolved into chaos as #NeverTrump folks lost in their effort force a roll call vote in hopes of derailing the nomination of Donald Trump.

From USA Today:

Pro-Trump delegates tried to shout down the insurgents, led by Sen. Mike Lee of Utah and former Virginia attorney general Ken Cuccinelli, whose move for a vote could have delayed the proceedings by hours on the convention's opening nights.

At one point, the podium of the convention was empty, leading Lee to say the convention had fallen into disarray on its first day, which was scheduled to emphasize law and order.

"I've never seen the chair vacated like that," Lee said, calling the situation "surreal."

Never Trump delegates chanted "roll call vote!" and "point of order!" from the floor, seeking to force the issue. A similar effort failed last week before the convention rules committee.

Despite the flurry of activity by Trump's opponents, their attempt was quickly stymied. Some GOP activists, such as conservative analyst Bill Kristol, said it resembled the strong-arm tactics of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Cuccinelli, a leading supporter of a roll call vote, threw his credentials to the floor and walked off, claiming party leaders rammed through the voice vote in spite of petitions calling for a separate ballot.

"They just blatantly violated the rules," he told reporters.

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