Monday, May 9, 2016

North Carolina Chooses Legal Fight With Federal Government Over Anti-Trans "Bathroom Law"

Faced with repealing the recently passed anti-transgender HB2 or face legal wrangling with the federal government, North Carolina has chosen the latter.

The Associated Press reports:

North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory is going to court in a fight for a state law that limits protections for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people.

McCrory is leading a lawsuit filed Monday seeking to keep in place the law the U.S. Justice Department said last week violated the civil rights of transgender people.

The Justice Department had set a deadline of Monday for McCrory to report whether he would refuse to enforce the last that took effect in March.

The lawsuit filed by North Carolina asserts that “Transgender status is not a protected class under Title VII,” and therefore not covered by Title VII. The 4th Circuit Court of Appeals has already issued guidance to the contrary.

According to a new CNN/ORC Poll, 57% of Americans oppose anti-trans "bathroom laws" like HB2 in North Carolina, and three-quarters favor laws guaranteeing equal protection for transgender individuals.

UPDATE - U.S. Attorney General will hold a 3:30PM press conference today to announce law enforcement action against North Carolina over its anti-LGBT HB 2 law.

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