Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Missing You Madly, Dear Rona

Rona Newton-John

Four years ago, my dear, wonderful, "partner in crime" Rona Newton-John passed away on Memorial Day 2013 from a diagnosis of brain cancer.

The time between diagnosis to her passing was swift, only a matter of weeks. Fortunately, Rona did not suffer during that time.

I miss her laugh, her smile, and her wicked sense of humor.

I miss her.

In 2015, Olivia shared a painting of Rona (see above) by her longtime bff, Pat Farrar. It fills my heart to see Rona's spirit captured so beautifully.

My magical, marvelous Rona. You are never gone, you smile in my heart forever.

Lifting a vodka martini in your memory today.

"Goody, goody."

Rona Newton-John with hubby Michael and I backstage at a concert. I'm sure there were martinis somewhere cropped from this pic
Rona Newton-John, Michael and I backstage

Rona Newton-John
Rona being Rona :)

With Olivia Newton-John, Gregg Cave, Michael Caprio and Rona Newton-John
With Olivia, Michael, Gregg Cave and Rona after Olivia judged the
"You're The One That We Want" reality talent show

In the studio while Olivia and Rona recorded "Mickey" for the
"A Few Best Men" soundtrack

Olivia Newton-John, Michael Caprio and Rona Newton-John during TV special taping
Olivia, Michael and Rona taping a TV special

Rona, Michael, Olivia, Jon Secada and Amy Sky in Washington DC for
Christmas at Fords Theatre TV Special

Pat Farrar, Olivia, Michael, Rona and I backstage in Las Vegas

Rona, Michael and Olivia on set for the "Sordid Lives" TV series
With my dear Rona Newton-John at a 2011 Christmas party
Rona and I at Christmas party in 2011

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