Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Poll: North Carolina Governor Trailing Opponent After Signing HB2 Into Law

Poll results from SurveyUSA for Raleigh’s WRAL shows that HB2 - the anti-LGBT law that Governor Pat McCrory recently signed into law - could be dragging down the governor's reelection chances:

HB2 may be taking a toll on incumbent Republican Governor Pat McCrory, who signed HB2 into law 3 weeks ago, and who now finds himself trailing Democratic challenger Roy Cooper, the state’s attorney general, 43% to 47% among likely 11/08/16 voters.

McCrory has a Minus 4 Net Job Approval Rating today: 43% of voters approve of the job he is doing as Governor, 47% disapprove.

Cooper has a Plus 28 Net Job Approval Rating today: 53% of voters approve of the job Cooper is doing as Attorney General, 25% disapprove.

Compared to a 03/08/16 SurveyUSA WRAL-TV poll, McCrory’s job approval is largely unchanged, but Cooper has gone from Plus 18 five weeks ago to Plus 28 today.

Cooper opposes the law and says he will not defend it.

McCrory had previously been leading in polling prior to signing HB2.

The same poll shows only 38% of those surveyed support the anti-LGBT legislation, while 50% oppose.

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