Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Ted Cruz' Supporters Say They Can't Vote For Trump

Sen. Ted Cruz

The Daily Beast interviewed several supporters of Sen. Ted Cruz who insist they can't see themselves voting for Donald Trump in the general election, should he become the Republican nominee.

“There is so much garbage out there about Trump,” 81-year-old Betty Marquardt told The Daily Beast. “If it would only come out, I think Trump would be sort of scary. He’ll say one thing and then he’ll say something else. He’s not even sure how many years he’s been audited. It depends on where he is as to what he wants to say and how he wants to say it.”

Marquardt, who like many Cruz supporters at the event said their second choice would be Marco Rubio before this reporter was even able to finish asking the question, called Trump “childish” and said he calls people names too much.

Cruz fans painted a picture of Trump as manipulative, phony, and opportunistic, none of which inspire confidence in scary times.

“I think he’s a good actor and knows how to work the deal, pardon the pun,” Sathre said.

“I just don’t think he has morals,” 37-year-old Christine Stevens told The Daily Beast. She has already made a decision in the foreseeable general-election matchup.

“Honestly I would rather see Hillary Clinton in than Donald Trump.”

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