Sunday, March 13, 2016

My Handsome, Amazing God Son Is Getting Married Today!

My god-son Joshua Bell and his bride to be Jordanne

I'm in Florida today attending the wedding (!!!!) of my god-son, Joshua Bell, to his longtime girlfriend/fiancee/wife-to-be Jordanne.

Not to get sentimental (but that's what god-father's do, right?) but I was there when Josh was born; he came to see me in my shows throughout my career; I took him to his first Broadway shows; he's talented too - I flew in to Texas see HIM act in lead roles.

Shortly after my little adventure with cancer, Josh conquered his own cancer journey. He not only kicked cancer's ass, but did it with courage and humor; more so, he shared that chapter with the world on Facebook so he could inspire others who might be on that same road some day.

I really, really love Josh. He knows that. And he's never slow to say "I love you" to everyone in his world. That alone is the stuff pride is made of.

I'm so proud to be "Uncle Randy," and thrilled to be here to wish Josh and Jordanne every happiness and in the world.  They are both beautiful people inside and out.

Expect lots of calls for "more wine" from Uncle Randy tonight at the reception.

Wedding rehearsal done - on to the real thing now :)

Josh and I from sometime over the years. I'm the short one :)

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