Saturday, March 19, 2016

Australian Senator Tells Parliament Gay Men Are Too "Unfaithful" For Marriage

Sen. Bob Day of Australia
As Parliament debated the Marriage Equality Amendment Bill in Australia this week, anti-gay Senator Bob Day took time to slap same-sex couples as "unfaithful" and took umbrage at the idea that those who would deny equal rights to LGBTs are "bigots."

Day also resorted to the common tactic of the ever-fearful "slippery slope:" if two men can marry, why stop there?

‘If this bill seeks marriage equality, what is it trying to protect equally? What relationships then are not marriages? Why would redefining marriage stop at same-sex relationships? The bill talks about two people, but why not three?’ said Day.

Quoting LGBT columnist and activist Dan Savage: ‘The term “monogamish” — monogamy as a kind of “monogamish” — has now been coined, a sort of “open marriage” — a tautology if ever I heard one in this brave new world—as they feel a restriction to one partner is unrealistic and unnatural."

Following debate in the Senate, no vote on the legislation was held.


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