Thursday, February 18, 2016

Bernie Sanders Gets Lots Of Assist From DNC But Doesn't Return The Favor

Interesting essay over on Huffington Post about Sen. Bernie Sanders and his decision to run specifically on the Democratic ticket.

As the campaign progresses it is becoming clear he doesn't have any interest in meeting what his responsibility would be as the Democratic nominee. In a presidential election year a big part of the nominees job is to help elect candidates down ticket; U.S. Senate, House of Representatives, Governors and state legislators. He would need to help them raise money and build a platform on which they can run. Appears he is so taken with his own rhetoric of 'revolution' he hasn't thought about those down ticket candidates winning giving it even a chance in hell of happening.

As of today Hillary Clinton has raised twenty-seven million dollars to be distributed to state parties to assist their candidates and Sanders has raised one thousand dollars. The FEC is now questioning his campaign finances.

Sanders could have run as an independent as he has for his U.S. Senate seat, but instead he chose to sign up as Dem to get the financial resources. And yet, he hasn't returned the favor to the DNC.

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