Thursday, December 3, 2015

Postmodern Jukebox Covers "Mad World" Vaudeville Style W/ Puddles Pity Party & Haley Reinhart

New collaboration from Postmodern Jukebox featuring Puddles Pity Party and Haley Reinhart - a "vintage vaudeville" cover of Tears For Fears' "Mad World."

Via Billboard:

"This remake came together quite quickly; Puddles stopped by unannounced, in typical Puddles fashion (he also surprised us at the Riviera Theatre in Chicago just recently!)," Bradlee wrote on his website. So I decided to give Haley a call to see if she was around to stop by, perhaps while wearing a fun hat!"

Bradlee said the difference in height made for a fun juxtaposition in the tradition of old vaudeville, as Puddles--the gloomy one -- begins the song as a dirge and the bubbly Reinhart joins in to liven things up.

"I chose “Mad World” because it’s simply one of the darkest, gloomiest songs to ever become a hit," said Postmodern Jukebox leader Scott Bradlee.

Great voices and personas here. Imminently watchable.

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