Friday, March 28, 2014

Corey Nichols and the story of two families

Queerty shares a very powerful story of Corey Nichols and the two families who would claim him.

Growing up, Corey heard loud and clear that being a "fag" was not an option according to his father - “If any fag lived in this house, I would shoot them in the head with a shotgun.”

According to Corey, his father would be beat him.  And eventually, the day came when Corey 'came out.'

“He was yelling and screaming about how a fag was living in his home and he can’t believe the devil was in his presence,” Corey told Out In Santa Cruz. “I locked myself in my room when my brother came home. The first thing my father did was tell him about how his brother was nothing but a worthless fag.”

Corey left home with no idea where he might land. He found refuge in the home of his friend, Aubrey. Aubrey's parents, Mindy and Dale, took Corey in and gave him a home. Eventually, Mindy and Dale filed to adopt Corey. The day of the adoption hearing Corey's birth parents didn't even show up. Today, Corey's birth family dispute the facts.

Perhaps this resonates with me not only because I'm gay, but my father took in kids when I was growing up. For months at a time. My entire life it's been normal to let people live in whatever home I have. I don't write that to try and acquire some "credit" for helping folks. It's what we all do. Or at least, it's what I was taught people do.

I can't tell Corey's story better than Graham Gremore has at Queerty.   I tried, but I really urge you to read the full story there.

This happens, believe it or not, in America. Still.

Dale says that he occasionally sees Corey’s birth father around town. “He knows how to put on a front,” he explained. “He smiles and acts like nothing is a big deal. He says, ‘thanks, appreciate what you are doing for my boy.”

Dale will nod his head and move along, then quietly whisper: “I have news for you. He is not your boy. He’s my son.”

Hear Corey and Mindy’s full interview with Out In Santa Cruz below.

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