Friday, February 28, 2014

Former NFL star Deion Sanders: There were gays on every NFL team I played on

Deion Sanders sat down with Arsenio Hall to talk about out football player Michael Sam.  Sanders mentions that every NFL team he played on had gay players.

Unfortunately, he drops alcoholism and drug use in the same sentence as gays which doesn't sit well with me. But I think he's trying to send a positive message somewhere in all this:

"I don't nor do I condemn, but I've had a friend, family members... Everyone out there, you've had someone of homosexuality in your family — and someone whose on drugs and alcohol. How can I judge them? It's up to me to give him love, to give him support, to just be there for him. So I don't condone nor I condemn. But I'm gonna love him.

"Everybody in the NFL is always talking about football as a family but when you have the opportunity to really extend and show them that you're a family member, this is the opportunity. He's not the first gay guy in the NFL! He's the first one to come out, let's get that straight. Every team I've played on, there was someone...we always knew. But he was cool. That was our boy. We had to look out for him.

"Every team I've played on - five different teams - there was someone gay in the locker room."

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