Tuesday, March 26, 2013

More proof that Rush Limbaugh is either a liar or an idiot

In the last election cycle alone, Maryland, Maine and Washington state all passed same-sex marriage by popular vote of those states' citizens.

Rush Limbaugh knows this. But it makes him feel better to lie to his listeners and say the issue has lost every time when it has not.

Last week, a new Post-ABC News poll revealed 58 percent support for marriage equality.

"So same-sex marriage and wiping out the Defense of Marriage Act is now a civil right. People that oppose it are bigots and nobody wants to be a bigot.  But the thing you can't say is that if left to a vote of the people, same-sex marriage loses every time it's on the ballot.  I think so far it's 30 times.  State ballots, initiatives and other things, and the Defense of Marriage Act at the federal level.  It's never passed. 

You wouldn't know that, would you, by listening to the pop culture media?  You would think that this issue has overtaken everything, it's the most important issue to everybody and anybody, and that it has massive public support.  And yet every time it's been voted on by the people it has gone down to defeat.  That's why the courts have to get involved, because the people, according to the left, won't do the right thing." - Rush Limbaugh, speaking on yesterday's radio show.


  1. Sooo where is the proof ya dumbass?

  2. Oh man...Rush was a couple months behind on a bill being passed, so yeah you're right. Rush such an evil liar.... And you are a moron for focusing on trivial bullshit while the country goes down the shitter thanks to countless liberal policies and out of control government taxation/spending for those policies. But you go ahead and keep worrying about being gay. Asshat.

  3. LOL... thanks for the comment.

    A couple of months? Rush said this 4 months after the election, when the three states passed marriage equality and every conservative who hates equal rights for gays (like Rush) knew it. It was quite the news. OR Rush is an idiot.

    And btw, I'm not worrying about being gay at all. I'm feeling great about it.

    AND - the country isn't going into the "shitter" as you mention unless you call the wars in Iraq/Afghanistan ending and bringing our soldiers home; the stock market doubling during President Obama's administration; and 38 months of positive private industry job growth. If THAT'S what you call "going down the shitter" well, then, ok, go ahead and call it that. I call it pulling us out of the mess from the previous administration.