Monday, December 10, 2012

Australian DJs speak after British nurse commits suicide due to prank call

Last week, two Australian radio DJs made a prank phone call to Kate Middleton at the hospital where she was staying while enduring morning sickness.

Jacintha Saldanha, the nurse who released private information after being duped into thinking she was speaking with Prince Charles and The Queen, subsequently committed suicide.

The DJs, Mel Greig and Michael Christian took themselves off the air last week, and gave their first interview about the tragedy to Australia's Current Affair.

It's a heartbreaking event - very tragic.

Watching the interview, clearly the DJs are shattered. It is interesting that they don't seem to be able to describe the "vetting" process for airing prank calls. More than once in the interview they are asked what the process is. They seem to know there IS a process to determine if a prank call is aired, but they don't seem to even know "who" makes the decision to air such things. They simply say their job is to come up with material, and then it's handed off and out of their hands.

Very sad all around.


  1. It's just crazy that the nurse would take it so hard. Who even knew who she was? It didn't seem like the hospital nor the Palace really cared or blamed her, it's not like trade secrets were given up, and they are just PEOPLE for goodness sake! This woman had 2 children! Really?!--what could be so bad (and an honest mistake, even) that would be worth leaving your children motherless?! THAT is the sad part.

  2. I think the nurse must've had other issues before this. The result seems like a one in a million situation, if that. Far more stressful pranks get carried out regularly, without such dire consequences.


  3. I feel there must of been somethink else going on in the nurses life to take this so seriously and do something like commet suicide? I feel bad for the djs,!! I hope they do not take it personaly,its not there fault.I feel sorry for the nurses family,but I hope the trurh comes out of what made her to something so tragic and sad.She sure hurt alot of people besides herself.