Saturday, May 26, 2012

Isaac's live Lip-Dub Marriage Proposal

This is really sweet. Starts out a bit silly, and then gets sillier and sillier, which is fabulous.  I think it's great!

Bruno Mars saw the video and tweeted this:

"Congrats to Isaac Lamb and the future Mrs. I don't think I could've made a better music video for this song. Thank you."

- @BrunoMars


  1. The guy telling her the story and setting up the headphones is one my cousins. I actually saw the video before I had any clue that it was actually him Love how this had made it viral in two short days! over 400,000 google search results for Isaacs propsal. and bruno mars even wished them the best on his FB and twitter. thanks for sharing! Marc

  2. My friend is actually in this video. It's his best friend. :-)

  3. Props to our daughter Gina Johnson Morris (girl in red) that choreographed the video for Isaac with much love ..... something the world is in short supply of lately.