Saturday, April 28, 2012

Disturbing: Radio show personality suggests a father have his daughter raped

Radio listeners in Cleveland received a rude jolt yesterday morning when Dominic Dieter of Rover's Morning Glory -- a talk show on the massively influential WMMS 100.7, "The Buzzard" -- told a father that his possibly-gay daughter should be raped straight.  From GLAAD:
According to the incident reports (and later confirmed to us by an executive for Clear Channel, the station's parent company), the anti-gay remark was made by Dominic Dieter, one of the "Rover's Morning Glory" cast members.  Responding to an e-mail from a father who (for reasons unknown) wrote to the station to say that he'd happened upon his teenage daughter kissing another girl. Deiter responded to the father, on-air, by saying:

"You should get one of your friends to screw your daughter straight."

This is not okay. Not on any level, and not in any context. We trust that the majority of fair-minded Americans will agree. Make no mistake, if this young woman is, in fact, gay - or if she's simply not interested in having sex with any of her father's friends, then what Dieter is suggesting is rape.

That's right, Dieter. Rape is not funny, and "corrective rape" happens to be a real and hideous thing.
GLAAD's calling for Dieter's suspension, and for an apology, and for Rover's Morning Glory to produce "a segment speaking about the real harms that can come from parental rejection." If you'd like to let WMMS know your thoughts, you can email the station at, and the general manager, Gary Mincer, may be reached at 216-520-2600.

UPDATE: Over the weekend Dieter apologized for his comments:

"I just wanted to say that, I know on the show this past Friday I made some comments that people found…..  considered to be offensive.  And I just wanted to say, I understand why people are angry.  I want to genuinely apologize to anyone who may have been offended by what I said.  I regret what I did say.  My comments were inappropriate.  They were inexcusable, and just downright stupid.   And I want to make it clear; there was absolutely no intention to promote physical or sexual violence.  And I’m truly; truly sorry by my poor choice of words that led people to believe otherwise.  Again, Rover… I just want to apologize for any pain I might have caused. (...)  I ask people to find it in their hearts to forgive me.  I am sorry for the words that I did say. "



  1. I doubt he was trying to say that the guy should have his daughter raped, but that is certainly how it can be perceived. At any rate, his comment was way, way out of line. The idea that someone can be "screwed" straight is absolutely hideous, almost as hideous as a parent who isn't willing to accept a gay child. The father and the radio host both need a reality check. An educational segment on parental rejection is what the father needs, along with a shock and awe in his face presentation of what he's doing to his daughter with his ignorance. As a straight mother of 3 children, I can not imagine ever being so heartless as to not accept my child for being themselves. We don't even use the term "girlfriend" or "boyfriend" when talking to our children about their future romantic endeavors, we say things like "when you find someone to love". We have never identified that being straight is the norm. We want them to grow up knowing that all kinds of love exist, so that if any of them are gay, they will always feel confident and equal and will always know that it is all right with us. Being who you are, is all that matters.

  2. My response to Dieter:

  3. My response to Dieter:

  4. I would like to know where in that one sentence did it say rape. This is an radio show for entertainment purposes only. I for one did not find the sentence offensive and didn't think much of the sentence. It is Dieter being Dieter. He is a stupid jock. You take what he says with a grain of salt and just realize he is ignorant.

  5. Thanks Melissa and Richard for the comments.
    Love an open dialogue on The Randy Report

  6. How funny that I post a comment supporting Dieter and it won't be posted.

    I am all for equal right and I am a big supporter of Gay Rights. However, this was blown out of proportion.

    I am going to start off with I am not the biggest fan of Dieter. I think that he is a homophobe and he is ignorant. I hear the stuff he says and shake my head and pity him. As an intelligent human being, I know that this is probably an act and if not, just a pitifull human being who will probably be alone for the rest of his life. Kharma will get him in the end.

    Dieter NEVER SAID the word "rape". This was blown out of proportion by people who don't listen to the show and don't know who the people on the show are. Everyone has the right to their opinions and views. The last time I checked with live in USA where there is freedom of speech. At the end of the day, people are boycotting a radio station and radio show that they have never listened to and never will. You are taking the rights and freedoms of Americans. You can't force people to think like you and you never will. By boycotting Dieter you are trying to force people to your line of thinking. As much as you want that, you will never get it. Right now, you are making me as a supporter of gays rights quit supporting your causes.

    As much as you don't want to be told who to love and marry, I don't want you to tell me who I can or can't listen to. By boycotting Dieter, you are taking away my rights.

  7. Also, if you really want to boycott WMMS, then it should be over the fact that they are taking money from Ashley Madison; a known website that supports, enables & condone's cheating on your partner. That to me is more disgusting that a off the wall comment but an ignorant human being.

  8. Hi Meg,

    Thanks for the comments. I was having problems with moderating comments a bit, so sorry for he delay in posting.

    In terms of rape, in my opinion - and in many others - yes it was implied.

    In a discussion about a possible lesbian girl, to suggest someone "screw her straight" would imply her having sex with a man which would be against her nature. What Dieter implied was "if someone screws her properly, she'll turn straight." It's clear what he was saying.

    I think the issue here is whether or not he was completely serious - which I don't think he was. But to imply forceful sex is an answer to homosexuality, even jokingly, is dangerous. Stupid people take things like this seriously. While the vast majority of people know the difference, all is takes is one crazy person to take that advice seriously and who knows the consequences. It would be like someone joking about shooting a politician to "put us out of our misery." Certainly no sane person would say and mean that, but crazy folks abound. And people in the media need to be aware.

    Regarding boycotts and freedom of speech - yes, everyone has a right to freedom of speech. But also, everyone has a right to have a reaction to free speech. If I find out a business I use promotes something I don't like, I have the right to not use that business. And discuss it with my friends.

    Btw - even Dieter saw what he said and issued a lengthy apology (which I posted above). So even he saw what he said was over the top.

    Thanks for commenting. I promote an open dialogue here at The Randy Report and encourage opinions. Thanks!

  9. Andriy MykhasyakJune 21, 2012 at 4:09 PM

    haha go Dieter youre the man! He should have not apologized, you sir Randy should plainly just commit suicide for taking the time out of your pathetic life to even write a story that is complete BULLSHIT, idiotic people like you WOULD take words out of context and blow them up into nonsense to get attention your parents didnt give you growing up, it's a morning radio show targeted at a younger crowd not old stinking farts such as yourself, i spit on you with disgust

  10. Actually - I think you misunderstand the idea of "out of context." I'm not sure what context ""You should get one of your friends to screw your daughter straight" is actually defensible.

    Now maybe you meant to say "he was clearly just joking..." but who knows?

    Thanks for posting Andriy - I love an open dialogue here at The Randy Report. As you can see, since I moderate the comments I could have just deleted yours, but I didn't. Please come back often.

    By the way... every time you do come back, my numbers go up, and so do my advertising rates. We all win! Thanks for visiting!

  11. I will add that while you think I have a pathetic life writing a blog with over 100,000 readers, you seem to have a life where you comment on events that happened almost two months ago. Very productive life there, pal.