Friday, April 22, 2011

Transgender woman attacked at McDonalds in Maryland

After an unidentified transgendered woman tried to use the bathroom at a Baltimore McDonalds, two patrons started attacking her in full view of other customers and employees. Instead of trying to intervene, the employees filmed it on their phones to post online.

You can see the very disturbing video of the attack here. Be warned though - it's very disturbing.

While you can see the manager yelling stop at the two women attacking the customer, none of the other employees even try to intervene or keep the women from dragging the victim across the restaurant floor.

The male employee who shot the video appeared to have done nothing to help. On the video, he's heard telling the attackers that the victim is seizing and that police are on the way.

A brave elderly female customer steps in to help. The manager and employees simply watch as the victim starts to have a seizure and offer no help whatsoever.

Details on the arrest of two suspects from the Baltimore Sun:

The attack occurred April 18 in the 6300 block of Kenwood Ave., in Rosedale, county police said. Police said a 14-year-old girl had been charged as a juvenile, while charges were pending against an 18-year-old woman. Police said the incident "remains under investigation and the state's attorney's office is reviewing the case."

Police said the victim was a 22-year-old woman and said an update on her condition was not immediately available.

Equality Maryland identified the victim as a transgendered woman. The group has urged officials to investigate the attack as a hate crime.

As the video spread, McDonald's issued a statement about the attack:

"We are shocked by the video from a Baltimore franchised restaurant showing an assault. This incident is unacceptable, disturbing and troubling," the company said in a statement posted on its website. "Nothing is more important than the safety of our customers and employees in our restaurants. We are working with the franchisee and the local authorities to investigate this matter."



  1. Thanks for posting this, Randy. Another white person attacked. Disgusting, indeed. Blacks are the most racist and homophobic group. If you read the story on you'll see the guy who video taped it justifying the attack on his Facebook. All the employees should be FIRED!

  2. Wow. Thanks for letting me know about the guy who taped it. That's serious nerve.

  3. Cowards. They were wrong. While I understand their fear, they were absolutely wrong. He did not deserve to be beaten like that whether he has an innie or an outie. Sad, very very sad. I pray he's ok...smh.

  4. So sad when people generalise. I am a black woman (from England,UK) and absolutely digusted by this kind of violence. Violence is conducted by all kinds of races - just look at history and most recently the case in South Africa. Violence against living things is wrong - period. That is why I do not even eat meat or any diary products because animals also suffer at the hands of humans, white, black, chinese etc....Please comment with intelligence as ignorant people tend generalise.

  5. The first anonymous commenter needs to grab a dictionary and look up the word racist. He was not attacked because he was white. He was attacked because he was a man using a women's restroom. Your generalizations make you just as ignorant at the girls that committed that disgusting assault.

    That said, I hope the county throws every charge possible at these and if possible, the employees that not only stood by and watched, but helped them get away from the police. It's absolutely disgusting what these two girls did to that man. What was most likely a misunderstanding should not have resulted in him being beaten so brutally. The fact that they left and then came back for more is a real testament to the type of people we are dealing with.

  6. As far as this vid goes I think the man in the who is recording this should have been charged along with the two females who assaulted the transgendered person.

  7. The proper term is she. She should not have been vicitimized regardless of race. The franchise should be completely restaffed or closed. And while the race seems to be an issue to some, haters can come from anywhere. The person that filmed it should also be prosecuted for not rendering aid in any form.
    I would suggest that the vicitm get an attroney and start going down the line of those in attendance and did nothing and end with the person tht filmed the video and find a reason to sue. She deserves only the best for going through this. I can't even begin to imagine.

  8. BTW... In the link for the video you can also fin d the link to McDonalds Corp to tell them what you think. Since the information about the store location is offered, let them know what you think. I did.

  9. I'm with you Fortune. And good point about contacting McDonalds.

  10. They didn't know she's transgender. They attacked her because she's white. Here's an interview with the victim.


  12. Thank you for calling, Fortunebaby.

  13. This attack has sickened me! I cannot believe people would stand by and let this happen to someone. It does not matter if the person was attacked for being transgender or White or whatever. At the end of the day there was a human being lying on the floor being beaten! All the employees at this restaurant should have been fired, not only the person taping. I know these days people are scared to get involved in helping others of fear of what may happen to them, but one day this could be you being attacked and how would you feel, knowing people just stood by and done nothing? Absolutely awful! I wish the victim a speedy recovery.