Friday, January 28, 2011

Unrest and turmoil in Egypt

From CNN: crowds took to the streets today to protest President Mubarak and the present government.  The army had to be deployed to try to settle unrest that began Tuesday. Mubarak has promised to dismantle the current government but resists calls to step down as President of the country.

Although he has been pro-United States, Mubarak is considered a dictator in many circles. President Obama has called on the government in Egypt to refrain from violence and undo the limitations on internet restrictions put in place during the unrest.

Obama said he spoke to the Egyptian president after he announced plans to dissolve his government and take steps with a new cabinet to implement reforms that will revitalize the economy and create more jobs.

"I told him he has a responsibility to give meaning to those words, to take concrete steps and actions that deliver on that promise."

Stay tuned to see how this affects not only Egypt but relations with that country both here in the U.S. and abroad.  U.S. stocks ended lower Friday as investors grew nervous about the political situation in Egypt.

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