Friday, August 9, 2019

Black Prospective Home Buyer Finds KKK Memorabilia While Viewing Cop's Home

(screen capture)

A prospective African-American homebuyer in Michigan was touring a home when he came across Confederate flag placemats on the dining room table.

Taking a look at the NASCAR-inspired garage, he found two more Confederate flags.

According to the Washington Post, Rob Mathis said to himself, "Wouldn't it be funny if this was a Klansman's house?"

And just minutes later, he and his wife came across a plaque in one of the bedrooms. Mounted on wood was an application for membership in the Ku Klux Klan.

The home, about an hour outside of Grand Rapids, belongs to Muskegon police officer Charles Anderson, who has served on the police force there for more than 20 years.

Mathis posted a photo of the KKK application as he shared how the experience left him rattled.

“I feel sick to my stomach knowing that I walk to the home of one of the most racist people in Muskegon hiding behind his uniform and possibly harassing people of color and different nationalities,” he wrote in his post late Wednesday.

The city of Muskegon announced in a Facebook post that an investigation had been opened and Anderson is now on administrative leave.

When contacted by, Anderson offered only a brief response saying, “They (his police union) said not to talk about it. That’s what they told me. Because it’s under internal investigation they said not to make a statement.”

Complicating things more, Anderson was involved in the shooting death of a black man ten years ago while on duty. At the time, he was acquited of any wrongdoing.

But, the Muskegon chapter of the NAACP is now asking that all cases involving Anderson and people of color be reviewed.

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