Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Henry Cavill Enjoys Getting Called 'Daddy' On The Internet

Henry Cavill

Superman star Henry Cavill gave Buzzfeed some time to read 'thirsty' tweets about him, including one cheeky tweet about his 'super' manhood.

The hunky actor read a tweet that says: ‘Henry Cavill definitely exudes big dick energy and to make it even better I’m 99% sure he’s actually big, I’m weak just thinking about it.’

‘Thank you,' he replies. After a pause, he adds, 'Why the 1%?, I ask?

He then smiles and says: ‘And furthermore, no comment.’

The Man from U.N.C.L.E. star also gets asked is also asked: ‘Do you get called daddy a lot?’

Cavill reads a few more internet missives, including:

‘I would let Henry Cavill split me in half I’m just gonna say it’

‘Henry Cavill could leave me on read at 4:30, text back at 8:47 and I’d reply at 8:46.’

Watch the cute video below.

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