Monday, September 12, 2016

Out Series: "Feral" on

New series set to air on LGBT streaming site - "Feral."

Via press release:
Like HBO’s "Looking" or "Girls," but set in Memphis, Tennessee. That’s how creator Morgan Jon Fox characterizes "Feral," a original TV series that debuts October 6 exclusively on the subscription streaming service dedicated to gay men.

In "Feral," Fox (who also serves as the series writer and director), weaves a tale of survival as a group of 20-somethings learn about love, loss and friendship while living in the vibrant, artistic queer community of Memphis.

The storyline revolves around the lives of Billy and Daniel, two best friends sharing a comfortably broken in bungalow in the diverse neighborhood of Midtown. It begins when the two are forced to kick out their third roommate, after discovering his heroin addiction.

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