Thursday, October 16, 2014

North Carolina Magistrates Directed To Perform Same-Sex Marriages

The state of North Carolina has informed magistrates -- agents of the state whose responsibilities include performing civil marriages -- that there are no special anti-gay discrimination rights.

The state has issued a memo saying the magistrates must comply with the law and perform marriages for same-sex couples, or they will be disciplined.

From the Washington Post:

North Carolina magistrates have been directed to perform civil marriages for same-sex couples or face suspension or dismissal from their state jobs.

A memo to state magistrates Wednesday said they would be violating their oaths of office if they refuse to marry gay or lesbian couples.

The directive came after a magistrate in Pasquotank County on Monday refused to marry two men, citing religious objections.

Some magistrates in Alamance County also said they wouldn’t marry gay couples.

A federal judge last week struck down North Carolina’s same-sex marriage ban as unconstitutional.

Public officials in states which have legal same-sex marriage cannot treat gay or lesbian couples differently.

Under state law, a magistrate who fails to perform his or her legal duties can face removal or suspension.

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