Friday, June 22, 2012

Jerry Sandusky's adopted son says he was abused

A new development in the child sex abuse trial of Jerry Sandusky.

The same day jury deliberations began, this bombshell:

WJLA: “Another accuser comes forward: Sandusky’s s own adopted son!”

ABC: “Sandusky’s adopted son signaled to the prosecutor that he was molested too. The jury will not hear this allegation.”

Multiple reports say the adopted son of the embattled former Penn State football coach had been prepared to testify against his father. The Patriot-News’s Sara Ganim reports, Matt Sandusky, who the Sandusky’s adopted as an adult, told prosecutors this week he was molested by the former coach. Ganim told CNN’s John King it isn’t yet clear why Matt didn’t end up testifying.

“Matt Sandusky has been denying that he was a victim in any way of Jerry Sandusky for many, many months. Actually almost a year. Now, he was 18 already when he was adopted but he had been a foster child in the Sandusky home for a couple of years at that point.”

Ganim points out, despite Matt’s past denials, his biological mother testified in early 2011 before a grand jury that she witnessed strange behavior between her son and Sandusky. In fact, Ganim reports, Matt’s biological mother Debra Long first began raising concerns about the coach in 1996 when the Sandusky’s brought her son into foster care.

It isn’t entirely clear why Matt Sandusky never ended up testifying, but ABC’s Jim Avila suggests it might have something to do with the fact Jerry Sandusky didn’t testify in his own trial Wednesday.

“Sources familiar with the case tell ABC News Matt was waiting in the wings in case Sandusky decided to testify. And then could be used as a rebuttal witness.”

But as shocking as the latest might be, NBC reports, it won’t affect THIS trial.

“None of this is known to the jury. The news broke after final arguments and deliberations began. … During the trial jurors heard wrenching testimony from eight alleged victims who described being sexually abused by Sandusky...”

But CNN notes, the allegation could lead to additional charges, including incest.

Jerry Sandusky has pleaded not guilty to the child sex abuse charges against him.

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