Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Olivia Newton-John radio interview for upcoming Australia concerts


  1. You are totally hot.

  2. There is a place called Blue Gum Lodge at Greenwich Hospital Palliative Care (near St Leonards). It was an invaluable support for my mother and myself while my [twin] sister was dying of cancer there and at Royal North Shore Hospital for nine months 2010/11. There is less stress on families and decreased anxiety knowing that we were as close as we could possibly be to spend quality time with her. I truly believe our presence was her lifeline and her strength to keep fighting a battle she fought so valiantly until she could fight no more. Congratulations on such a wonderful achievement, there needs to be more places like this since lots of relatives come such vast distances and at great expense for accommodation. It is places like this that change the lives of families and give them the strength to cope. My heart goes out to you and I humbly say, you are an inspiration in so many ways. On a happy note, I loved your concert last night, I was the gal in the Box seat Alfie had a go at for "flashing" him while he was singing!! So totally had a blast, please don't leave it too long before you come back..thank you with all my heart for your music, which I have loved for the 40 years you've been late sister used to send me all your new albums when she moved to Sydney..I last saw you at the Hordern Pavlova in the late are a very beautiful person and have lit up my world with your ethereal voice for so many years...lots of love and continued good health, Olivia..Jacqui xxx


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