Sunday, February 26, 2012

Jake Pavelka joins Chippendales for '10 years in Las Vegas' celebration

Some red carpet action with the world-famous Chippendales, who just celebrated their 10th year of being "the ultimate girls night out" in Las Vegas at the Rio All-Suites Hotel and Casino.

Joining them for the month long celebration is star of "The Bachelor" and "Dancing With The Stars" Jake Pavelka, as their new celebrity MC/Host.

Jake was joined on the red carpet by his gorgeous girlfriend, model and sports announcer Ashley Ann Vickers.

James Davis, Billy Jeffrey, Nathan Minor and Chaun Thomas of The Chippendales took to the red carpet in anticipation of the onstage celebration performance with all of the Las Vegas Chippendales en masse (final photo reading left to right): Juan DeAngelo, Sami Eskeline, Kenny King, Jaymes Vaughan, John Rivera, Nathan Minor, John Cook, James Davis, Dave Abrams, Chaun Thomas and Jace Crispin.

The sold-out audience for the 10th Anniversary performance was packed wall to wall with fans, who were clearly having a great time. Jake Pavelka kept the high energy show moving, while clearly charming the audience.

I think the show is great fun. I love seeing the ladies lose their minds in good, clean, adult fun. And I love that, while the show is certainly geared towards women - as "the ultimate girls night out" - men are welcome at the show. The men of Chippendales put on a great show for all their fans.

Fun night.

Jake Pavelka on the red carpet at Chippendales.
Looking very good...

Chippendale James Davis mingles with the ladies during a number

Jake Pavelka takes the stage at Chippendales
as Celebrity Guest Host.

(Photos courtesy of Scott Harrison/Retna)

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