Thursday, June 16, 2011

Video promoting Olivia Newton-John at NYC Gay Pride 2011

Cool video promoting Olivia's appearance at NYC Gay Pride 2011.

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  1. Great event for Olivia to premier MAGIC 2011 hopefully the song will be available in the USA to purchase by June 25th or else its a missed opportunity to sell thousands of copies.

    Since Olivia is in the NY area would be great if she could stop by The View, GMA or one of the morning shows to promote this amazing dance version of MAGIC. After all it all brings attention and donations to her Hopsital.

  2. I agree completely. Of course, that's based on the idea that GMA, View or another show will book Olivia on such short notice. My experience is these shows book guests over a month or so in advance.

    GMA loves ONJ but this would be very short notice. But we can hope.:)

  3. the song is available on itunes now here in the US!!!

  4. watch pop singer debra winer
    perform seal with a kiss
    1976 abba disco classic

  5. Does anyone know when the pop album is coming out?

  6. Olivia is currently working on the album. The hope is it will be released this fall.

  7. I have loved Olivia since Xanadu. To me Grease was good, Two Of A Kind I saw at United Artist Marina Del Rey, CA, after which I went home to see my mama in Lake Havasu City, Arizona. My Mama absolutely loved the movie and told me that of all ONJ's movie's Xanadu was her favorite. My mama passed away in 2001.My e-mail is I am saying that I am Carried Away with Olivia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  8. Oh God...How I wish I could be there...Olivia's been my muse sice GRease....Love you LIvy

    John from Brazil


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